The VidPix makes all your 8bit video dreams come true! It uses incoming audio to change the video patterns onscreen. It’s in the vein of Atari Video Music, but with heavily upgraded hardware and software.


This adjusts the pixel size and the pattern rate change. It changes the reference voltage used by the analog to digital convertor, increasing or decreasing the signal that reaches the parallax chip.
Auto/Manual Mode Switch
In Automatic mode, the patterns and colors change randomly. In Manual mode, color and pattern change with their respective gate or button, and rotate through in order. For 8-bit Nostalgia, the colors will always be the same relative to the pattern.
Color and Pattern Jacks/Buttons
Changes the color or pattern with an incoming gate; in the console version, it also changes by pressing a button. To change the color or pattern, the gate must be high for at least 0.1 second. While the gate is high, the graphics pause. When the gate is low, the pattern or color changes.
Trigger/gate input voltage: 1.65V to 15V
If both gates are high for >2 seconds, the packet selection menu is brought up. The Pattern jack/button scrolls through the options. The Color jack/button selects the option.Then the glitch menu is then brought up. Once the options are chosen, the patterns start.
Left, Right and Stereo Jacks
When only the Left jack is patched, the audio is normalled to the Right jack. When Right or Stereo is patched, it is no longer normalled. The jacks are passive, so all three can be inputs or outputs.
Video RCA output. Choose NTSC or PAL.
The first menu is the pack selection menu. The Digital Diamond packs are most similar to the Atari Video music, and the Pixelmusic 3000. 8-bit Nostalgia displays characters that are similar to classic video games. Character Assassination contorts ascii characters.
The second menu is the glitch mode menu. Glitch mode changes the number of tiles on screen, fragmenting the image. Starting on the left hand side the moving pattern moves to the right depending on the amplitude of the sound, leaving fragments of still patterns as it retreats.
Eurorack module depth: 42mm
Eurorack current draw: 47mA on +12V
Console: uses 5V mini USB jack